Laying carpet tiles

Perhaps you are a DIY person who likes to do the job yourself.

In this case here are some useful tips to get you started. Of course there will be an outlay for the basic materials you need but these tools are yours after the job is done. An excellent resource for more detail on laying carpet tiles is right here:

I would also say your first attempt will be a learning process and you would not want to do it with an expensive carpet. Better practice in a place that does not matter too much. That way your mistakes will not matter. Not trying to put you off. Just letting you know what lies ahead.

You will need to buy or get hold of the following:

  • A knee kicker. Easily available from a DIY rental store.
  • Knee pads to protect your knees. You will need this so you do not get too sore after wards.
  • A Stanley knife and several sharp new blades.

Before you use these to cut your actual carpet, practice cutting an old carpet so you are a little practiced.

Carpet backing comes in a few different varieties today. PU foam underlay offers acoustic and heat-retaining properties. It is a little more expensive but the benefits will more than make up for this.

The rubber backing variety is also very hard wearing but they do not offer the heat and sound proofing to the extent that PU form does.

Lay out the carpet first.. Lay out your roll and make a rough cut, giving plenty of excess for cutting around all the edges. A good idea with a pattern is to make sure they align and run along one wall. Also be sure to leave excess at doorway so you do not run short.

A final tip is to lay newspaper under your new carpet. This way should you ever come to remove the carpet, it will not stick to the floor and will not pull up any screeding or leveller.

Without newspaper beforehand, the biggest problem you have replacing carpet is accidentally removing your levelling compound.
Gary Marshall

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